High quality pallet pre-cut Pallet Components

Including both notched and un-notched runners, as well as deck boards. 

For over 20 years, Ottawa Forest Products has been manufacturing pre-cut hardwood pallet components. The species transformed are a variety of hardwoods from our local Northland forests including: Red Oak, Mixed Hardwoods, and Aspen.

At Ottawa Forest Products, we also have the capacity to produce custom dimensions and we can cut any size you need. 

Principle business has been the 48" x 40" markets and we continue to service customers on timely daily, weekly or other standard load delivery schedules.

When you provide a customer a pallet and they expect it at a certain time, know you can count on Ottawa to have you the pre-cut components to you on a timely and regular schedule. 

Product Features:

  • Runner/Stringer stock from 1” to 2” thick (typical sizes are 1-1/8, 1-1/4, 1-3/8)
  • Board stock from 7/16” and up
  • Large and small volume orders


"A great, honest company to work with. Great communication between us and the sales team is what keeps me coming back. Will continue to do business with this great company."


Caledonia Crating & Pallet

“Since working with Ottawa, everything has been outstanding."

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